Robotic Spine Surgery

Dr. Anthony Leone is the only doctor in the Buffalo, NY and surrounding area who is certified in Robotic Spine Surgery.
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Genetic Testing for Spine

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Laser Spine Surgery

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Minimally invasive spine surgery is better

Dr. Anthony Leone has chosen to use the Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System in his spine procedures for various reasons: The most important reason is the ability to perform very accurate and minimally invasive spine surgery on patients, which can provide a much faster recovery time.Please remember, if a lawyer is trying to give you medical advice after an accident, or wants to push you into an aggressive spine surgery ; he/she simply wants to raise the value of the lawsuit for his/her own monetary gain. Please call us first. Your health is paramount, and minimally invasive spine surgery can provide a better outcome and a better future.

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Spine Surgery Information

We try conservative measures before recommending spine, back or neck surgery. If possible, we will discuss conservative, non-surgical options on your first visit.

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