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Robotic Spine Surgery: Accuracy vs. Precision

What differentiates accuracy from precision in robotic spine surgery? Learn more about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Many think that precision and accuracy mean the same thing. Precision references the closeness of two or more measurements to one another. Accuracy refers to hitting the mark of the desired target as closely as possible. An analogy can be related to a basketball player who is shooting baskets. The player shoots with accuracy if his shots always bring the ball to the basket or close to it. The player shoots with precision if his shots are always in the same location (independent on the fact that it’s close to the basket or not).

Robotic spine surgery encompasses both of these phenomenas with the Mazor Renaissance┬« system. Designed to provide consistent precision with accuracy within 1.5mm – the system is far superior to standard surgical means. Studies have shown the procedure to be 99% effective with popularity of the procedure growing and spreading worldwide.