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Spine Care: Have a Rehab Friend for your Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, find a friend who can help. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Finding a rehab buddy can be a big help to many aspects of your life if you are suffering from back pain. A rehab buddy can exercise with you or help you with daily tasks around your home. Additionally, having a friend will help you stay on task with exercise schedules. Last but certainly not least, your rehab buddy can help you get healthy. By doing things together, you minimize the changes of becoming lazy or forgetful.

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Spine Care: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are suffering from back pain, don’t be shy to ask for help. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

While you have probably been use to doing most things yourself until your back pain became an issue, it’s no secret that you will need help around the house and with daily chores. Try not to be discouraged or embarrassed about this. Your friend or loved one will be more than happy to help and ensure you are keeping your back as healthy as possible.

As him or her to help with lifting heavy objects. Their assistance with more physical chores like taking out the garbage or vacuuming will be a big help and will help decrease the chances of you injuring or making your pain worse.

Minimize your driving. Ask a friend or loved one to give you a ride. The constant strain of head movement and getting in and out of the car is sure to leave your back in rough shape.

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Spine Care: Back Pain-Proofing the House

Here are some spine care tips to help you make your house back pain friendly. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

If you are dealing with de-habilitating back pain, moving things around in your home can help with your spine care. Please make sure you have a friend or loved one help with these tips so that you don’t injure yourself or exacerbate your pain.

Start by moving popular or essential items to chest height. This will prevent you from having to bend down or into awkward movements. This can include dishes and pots in the kitchen and things in the bathroom like toiletries.

Ensure your furniture is back-friendly as well. You probably have a favorite couch or chair – if it isn’t giving you proper support, grab some pillows. You will find that proper posture is key to a healthy pain-free back.

Finally, try to eliminate the use of stairs as much as possible. This movement can be especially jarring for those suffering from back pain.

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Spine Care: Caring for Someone Suffering From Back Pain

Here are some spine care tips to help you helping someone else. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Having a loved one who is in need of spine care to help them through pain doesn’t have to be a painful situation for you and them. First, try to learn as much as possible about your friend or loved one’s pain. The more you know, the more you can target the proper steps to help alleviate their pain.

Secondly, make their living areas more user-friendly for them. Move popular or heavily used items higher to reduce the need to bend over.

Thirdly, help your friend or loved one with specific tasks around the house that may require intense movements like lifting heavy objects.

Fourthly, be a part of their rehabilitation either by reminding them and keeping them ahead of scheduled exercising or even joining in and stretching or exercising alongside them is a great way to encourage them and you.

Lastly, be sure to keep posture in check. Make sure the items of furniture and office items are setup properly for the best support available. Desk chairs should be adjusted so that they can sit comfortably and upright.

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Spine Health: Spring into a Healthy Spine

Some tips to stay healthy this spring with spine health. Learn more about Spine Health in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

The weather is finally looking nice and we’re all anxious to get outside and enjoy the sun. Now that we have the opportunity to go outside for a walk or a run, don’t forget to work back into a routine. You may be tempted to go out and attempt an intense workout but remember that your body needs the time to adjust properly. A short walk and stretch period may be best to get your body back into nice-weather mode. Heat therapy can help soothe muscle strain and prevent cramping as well.

Getting plenty of sleep this spring will be sure to keep you and your spine in tip-top shape. Getting proper rest is crucial to our body’s daily maintenance and recovery. If you are having trouble sleeping, try setting a routine. By only using the bedroom for sleep, you can help shake off bad habits of restless sleep.

Good posture is key to a healthy spine. Remember to sit up at your desk at work and don’t slouch on your couch. Proper posture not only looks good, but keeps your spine in good alignment. A misaligned spine can lead to a plethora of problems including pain and discomfort. If you feel you may be slouching, use a mirror to correct your posture.

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What is Spinal Anesthesia?

Learn about spinal anesthesia and how it can be successful. Learn more about spine surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Spinal anesthesia is a technique used prior to surgery in which a local anesthetic is injected into target areas along the spine to block pain and make surgical procedures possible while the patient is conscious. Typically it is administered through a small needle and has found success in older patients, especially in lumbar spinal surgery cases. This is an alternative procedure to traditional anesthesia which is typically used to put the patient into a form of sleep or unconsciousness.

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Spinal Anesthesia Gaining Traction in Older Adults

Spinal anesthesia is gaining popularity in older adults. Learn more about spine surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Spinal anesthesia is becoming a popular substitute over traditional anesthesia techniques. It’s increasingly being used in lumbar surgery cases on older adults who especially are prone to fewer anesthetic risks. Studies conducted under spinal anesthesia have yielded positive results. Most patients are up and moving the same day as their surgery or the following day. Surgeries utilizing spinal anesthesia yielded no strokes, pulmonary embolisms, or death and were therefore considered successful.

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Why Posture Is Important to Spine Health

With good posture and exercise you can prolong and protect your spine. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

The way we sit, stand, sleep, and exercise are all important to a healthy spine. Good posture is the best way you can keep your spine in tip top shape. Your lower back, also known as your lumbar curve takes a majority of your weight. Because of this, keeping this part of your spine strong and in proper alignment is important in protecting your lower back as well as other portions of your spine.

If you are experiencing pain, this is probably associated with the way you are going about daily activities such as sitting, standing, and sleeping. Don’t forget to lift heavy objects with your legs and NOT with your back. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can be extremely detrimental to your spine health. If you have an office job, or sit for long periods of time – remember to refrain from slouching. Proper posture should be the goal to keep your spine in alignment.

Exercise is also important to strengthen your back muscles and prevent weight gain. Weight gain can also effect your spine because the more weight, the more stress is being applied to your lumbar section. Research has shown that patients who keep themselves in shape are less likely to incur back pain and injury.

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The Chiropractic Benefits of Spine Health

A chiropractor can be your best line of defense in combating spine health. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Spine health is imperative to leading healthy and happy lives free of back pain and more problematic complications. Chiropractic doctors, specifically those who have advanced training in therapy can greatly benefit a patient’s care regimen. With the ability to diagnose and treat spine problems like scoliosis, back pain, tissue knots, and joint manipulation – chiropractors serve a very important purpose on the front lines of spine health. The best part is that this system of care can be helpful for patients of all ages, sizes, and histories.

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Osteoporosis – What is it?

Aging along with an improper or unhealthy lifestyle can lead to complications of osteoporosis. To learn more about spine health and osteoporosis – search here in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Typically, people with osteoporosis will experience bone breakage in the upper spine where forward motion can put increased stress on the spine and vertebral bones. When these bones break, it often leads to pain. Sometimes, height can be affected if too many bones break which will make people appear hunched over. This phenomenon is called kyphosis.