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Spine Care: Have a Rehab Friend for your Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, find a friend who can help. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Finding a rehab buddy can be a big help to many aspects of your life if you are suffering from back pain. A rehab buddy can exercise with you or help you with daily tasks around your home. Additionally, having a friend will help you stay on task with exercise schedules. Last but certainly not least, your rehab buddy can help you get healthy. By doing things together, you minimize the changes of becoming lazy or forgetful.

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What Is Good Posture? Spine Health 101

Take pride in your health and practice good posture – your spine will thank you. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Posture is defined by a position in which a person holds his or her body upright to fight the natural forces of gravity. Good posture is important in our everyday lives whether its standing, sitting, or lying down as it keeps our spine properly aligned for healthy operation. In addition to alignment, proper posture helps decrease joint wear and tear, prevents fatigue on muscles, backaches and pain, and is visually pleasing too.

In order for you to exhibit proper posture, you must have muscle flexibility, postural muscles must be in shape, and normal ranges of motion must be present in joints. Daily exercise is the best way to maintain these requirements. Through self awareness you will begin to understand where your posture can improve. If it helps, use a mirror and refer to a diagram to see if you are following proper posture for sitting, standing and sleeping. By doing this, you will be on the right path to a health spine.

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Why Posture Is Important to Spine Health

With good posture and exercise you can prolong and protect your spine. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

The way we sit, stand, sleep, and exercise are all important to a healthy spine. Good posture is the best way you can keep your spine in tip top shape. Your lower back, also known as your lumbar curve takes a majority of your weight. Because of this, keeping this part of your spine strong and in proper alignment is important in protecting your lower back as well as other portions of your spine.

If you are experiencing pain, this is probably associated with the way you are going about daily activities such as sitting, standing, and sleeping. Don’t forget to lift heavy objects with your legs and NOT with your back. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can be extremely detrimental to your spine health. If you have an office job, or sit for long periods of time – remember to refrain from slouching. Proper posture should be the goal to keep your spine in alignment.

Exercise is also important to strengthen your back muscles and prevent weight gain. Weight gain can also effect your spine because the more weight, the more stress is being applied to your lumbar section. Research has shown that patients who keep themselves in shape are less likely to incur back pain and injury.