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Flexion Distractions for Lower Back Injuries

Injuries resulting around the lumbar spine can be treated through a chiropractor and the “flexion distraction” technique. This technique is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that resolves disc bulges and herniations. By relieving pressure associated with the injured nerves, the patient should experience a decrease in lower back pain.

Spine Surgery Buffalo

Flexion-Distraction Injuries

Flexion-Distraction injuries result from a flexion moment that is combined with a fulcrum located at varying distances from the anterior portion of the vertebral column. The resulting injury can involve bone, ligament, or a combination of bone and ligament. When the fulcrum is located adjacent to the vertebral body, the anterior column will fail in compression and the middle of the posterior columns will fail in tension. Patients with pure ligamentous and combined bony and ligamentous injuries should undergo a posterior stabilization procedure because of involvement of all three columns and the poor healing properties of ligaments.¹

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