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Why Posture is Important to a Healthy Spine

Back posture is an aspect of spine care that all can participate in. A healthy posture can do wonders for the health of your spine and the longevity of your back. If your posture is incorrect, complications like hyperplasia in the lumbar region of the spine can occur. Not only sitting but also sleeping with good posture will improve the way you feel, and will also help ensure a healthy spine and body for years to come!

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Hyperplasia in the Lower Back

Hyperplasia (enlargement) of the spine can occur in the lumbar region of the spine. This changing is often linked to strain put onto this region of the spine. Other factors leading to hyperplasia include age, poor posture, and bodily trauma. Working on back posture can greatly reduce onsets of hyperplasia – beyond age and other factors not in your control.

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Disc Degeneration

Disc Degeneration might induce segmental instability and secondary hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the connective tissue elements. In the lumbar spine, degenerative tissue, including posterior bulge of disc-associated end plate remodeling, hypertrophy and bony proliferation of facet joints, and hypertrophy of ligamenta flava and facet joint capsules, might encroach into the central canal, subarticular recess, and/or neural foramina and impinge on, entrap, or compress neural structures.

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