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Microdiscectomy & Sciatica

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The sciatic nerve runs down both legs from the lower back. Radiating pain can manifest along this nerve resulting in sciatica. In cases where this pain is a result of a lumbar disc degeneration, a microdiscectomy is an option. In a microdiscectomy, a small opening is made and a portion of the herniated disc is removed – relieving the pinched nerve. Typically, this surgery is recommended after non-invasive or non-surgical means have failed within a time period of about 4 to 6 weeks or otherwise determined by the doctor.

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Microdiscectomy Surgery

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During a microdiscectomy, a small incision is made and a small portion(s) of the problem area of the disc is removed – relieving pressure and promoting a healthy healing environment. This surgical procedure can greatly improve lower back pain related to disc herniations.

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Lumbar Herniated Discs & Surgery

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When a patient is experiencing lumbar pain, sometimes surgery is an option to alleviate this pressure. A microdiscectomy is done to remove pressure from nerve roots allowing these roots the proper environment needed to heal. The good thing about this surgical procedure is that, with most cases, only small areas of the problem disc is removed – this means that the disc as a whole remains mostly intact.