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Spine Health: Spring into a Healthy Spine

Some tips to stay healthy this spring with spine health. Learn more about Spine Health in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

The weather is finally looking nice and we’re all anxious to get outside and enjoy the sun. Now that we have the opportunity to go outside for a walk or a run, don’t forget to work back into a routine. You may be tempted to go out and attempt an intense workout but remember that your body needs the time to adjust properly. A short walk and stretch period may be best to get your body back into nice-weather mode. Heat therapy can help soothe muscle strain and prevent cramping as well.

Getting plenty of sleep this spring will be sure to keep you and your spine in tip-top shape. Getting proper rest is crucial to our body’s daily maintenance and recovery. If you are having trouble sleeping, try setting a routine. By only using the bedroom for sleep, you can help shake off bad habits of restless sleep.

Good posture is key to a healthy spine. Remember to sit up at your desk at work and don’t slouch on your couch. Proper posture not only looks good, but keeps your spine in good alignment. A misaligned spine can lead to a plethora of problems including pain and discomfort. If you feel you may be slouching, use a mirror to correct your posture.

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WATCH: Severe Scoliosis Patient Benefits from Robotic Spine Surgery

See this patient’s remarkable story about her success with robotic spine surgery. Learn more about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Bonnie tried everything from nerve blocks to cortisone shots to relieve her severe scoliosis (unnatural curvature of the spine). Her spine exhibited a 38 degree curve, severe enough that she her pain was off the charts. Something needed to be done. Enter the Mazor Robotics Ranaissance® guidance system and a talented surgeon who managed to bring her curve back to 8 degrees. Bonnie is now a full inch taller and void of pain. Watch her amazing story here:

Video courtesy Mazor Robotics via YouTube.

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Text Neck: Preventative Exercises For The Spine

Here are some exercises that can help prevent “text” neck. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

While everyone is being effected by “text” neck, or the constant stress on our spines from looking down at our phones – teens are showing the most symptoms from the day-to-day cellphone usage. Thankfully, there are exercises that help to strengthen and stretch the areas that need it most. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and attempt to touch your elbows together as well. Hold this pose for five seconds and repeat about twenty times. This exercise strengthens your shoulders. Complete a neck stretch by pulling your chin toward your chest. Hold this pose for five seconds and again, repeat about twenty times. Finally, stretch your chest by standing in a doorway and hold both sides of the door frame, then – lean forward. You should feel a stretching in your chest. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat twenty times.

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Text Neck: How Cell Phones Are Hurting Our Spine Posture

Teens aren’t the only ones hunching over their phones. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

“Text Neck” is not only sweeping the country, its a global issue with people of all ages. The back and neck pain can be a result of the posture we have by looking down at our phones. Today, we are seeing young people with neck pains typically associated with people much older. Additionally, teens in high school athletics are complaining about losses of motion and the feelings of pain which are now being linked to cellphone usage. The posture that involves our heads constantly facing down can ad up to sixty pounds of additional weight on the cervical (neck) spine. Over the years, this can be detrimental to the spine involving spinal degeneration and could require surgery.

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What Is Good Posture? Spine Health 101

Take pride in your health and practice good posture – your spine will thank you. To learn more about the spine, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Posture is defined by a position in which a person holds his or her body upright to fight the natural forces of gravity. Good posture is important in our everyday lives whether its standing, sitting, or lying down as it keeps our spine properly aligned for healthy operation. In addition to alignment, proper posture helps decrease joint wear and tear, prevents fatigue on muscles, backaches and pain, and is visually pleasing too.

In order for you to exhibit proper posture, you must have muscle flexibility, postural muscles must be in shape, and normal ranges of motion must be present in joints. Daily exercise is the best way to maintain these requirements. Through self awareness you will begin to understand where your posture can improve. If it helps, use a mirror and refer to a diagram to see if you are following proper posture for sitting, standing and sleeping. By doing this, you will be on the right path to a health spine.