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Spine Anatomy: Knowing the Spine

Understanding spine anatomy is important if you have a spine-related issue. Learn more about spine anatomy in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Spine care and understanding the spine anatomy can be interesting and help you to find more related information. The spine has three main functions; to protect, to support and enable motion. The spine is broken up into four regions.

The first is the cervical spine which consists of seven vertebrae (C1-C7) at the top of the spine.

The second is the thoracic spine which consists of twelve vertebrae (T1-T12) which is the midsection of the spine.

The third is called the lumbar spine and consists of five vertebrae (L1-L5) which comprises the bottom area of the spine. These are the largest of the vertebrae and carry a majority of the body’s weight. Because of this, the lumbar spine is often the most affected area for back pain and other troublesome spinal conditions.

The last and final region of the spine is called the sacral spine and consists of five bones (S1-S5) fused together to form the sacrum or pelvis area.