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Rare Surgery Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy Walk

A minimally invasive surgical technique is helping children with cerebral palsy walk. Learn more about Spine Surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Children with cerebral palsy may have an opportunity to walk after this amazing surgical procedure is completed. A rare form of spinal surgery in which a surgeon creates a small incision in the patient’s back is performed. Doctors report that the procedure stops spasticity in the legs while still maintaining proper sensations.

The procedure is currently only available at a Texas Hospital but will become more readily available as it is studied and trained. Thanks to this minimally invasive surgical procedure, children with cerebral palsy may now have the chance at a more normalized lifestyle.

New Spine Care Guidelines Involving Medications

The epidemic of pain medication has led to changes in spine care guidelines. Learn more about spine care in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Low back pain has been growing in numbers over the years as people become older, exhibit diet challenges, or develop spinal disorders. With this pain has come the rise of prescription opioid painkiller abuse. Officials at the NIH (National Institute of Health) and CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) have changed guidelines effecting the use of pain medication. The new guidelines emphasize the importance of non-drug treatments like spinal manipulation via chiropractic or physical therapy care. The new guidelines also state that anti-inflammatory medications should be secondary to non-drug treatment. Overall, these updated guidelines strongly discourage the use of opioids for chronic back conditions, targeting the growing number of low back pain cases.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery & Peace of Mind

Minimally invasive surgery promises comfort. Learn more about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Today, stress and anxiety are very real and present dangers in the hectic world we live in. New technologies are often lost in translation from busy schedules. Patients who are in need of surgical means today now have the ability to utilize technology to unending lengths. Good doctors will always be looking out for the best possible treatment plan for their patients. With minimally invasive robotic spine surgery, patients can now have peace of mind and comfort knowing that their doctor will be aided by precise robotic technology working in tandem with the many years of human experience in the operating room.

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The DME Panel & Genetic Testing

Patients may wonder what the advantage is to having a genetic testing procedure performed. The DME panel has many advantages. To learn more about side effects and the benefits of genetic testing, search Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

By now you may know that the genetic testing process is extremely easy. Not only is the test easy, it can and will give you the peace of mind that the dosages you are taking for your medication is correct. You will also have a greatly reduced risk of adverse drug reactions because of the tests’ effectiveness. Additionally, you will benefit from improved dosage estimates and drug efficacy resulting from your personalized treatments.

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Reasons for Spinal Fusions

Why would you need a spinal fusion? To learn more about spinal surgery, search here in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

In a spinal fusion, vertebral bones are fused or “welded” together resulting in a single bone in the fused area. This process is generally most beneficial for patients with pain in the lower back. This pain can be associated with degenerative disc disease where deterioration of the spinal discs has left very little space for the vertebra to move correctly or spine “slippage” like spondylolisthesis where the vertebrae has become misaligned.

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Types of Spinal Deformities

To learn more about spine deformities, search here in Dr. Leone’s Knowledge Center.

There are many types of deformities related to the spine. These deformities can occur when it undergoes obscure growth or is damaged. Deformities relating to an unnatural curving of the spine is called scoliosis and is most prevalent in children. Another deformity that involves spine curvature is called kyphosis. Where scoliosis involves a sideways curving of the spine, kyphosis results in a forward and back curving.

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Psoriatic Arthritis & The Spine

Typically when hearing the term psoriasis, one would be apt to imagine dealing with a skin condition. Psoriatic Arthritis is a much more serious condition. To learn more about this and other conditions affecting the spine, search here in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center.

Psoriatic Arthritis is a type of arthritis that typically occurs in patients who have the chronic skin condition know as psoriasis. Generally, psoriasis is characterized by patches of the skin exhibiting a red color. It can involve few joints or many joints at once (in severe cases). In severe cases, the spine can be a location of risk for psoriatic arthritis. When the spine develops psoriatic arthritis, it can result in fusion.

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Disc Degeneration

Degeneration of the spinal discs is often called “degenerative disc disease”. This is a misnomer because this degeneration is not specifically a disease. These are normal changes to the spinal discs as they age. These soft areas of the spine act as shock absorption and also allow movement too. As time goes on, these discs get worn down and can result in pain along the spine as section of vertebrae will begin to grind into one another. This pain is often associated with the lumbar (lower back) and cervical (neck) regions of the spine.

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Diagnosis of Spinal Injuries & Disease

A physician can successfully diagnose spinal problems involving disease and injuries a number of ways including, but not limited to:

– genetic testing to determine hereditary history within a family
– visual inspection of the injured area in question
– sensory tests to determine functioning and non-functioning areas
– CT scans via X-ray technology
– MRI tests to diagnose spinal cord regions

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Degenerative Lumbar Disorders, Western NY

Contact Dr. Anthony Leone to learn more about the goals of spinal surgery for various spinal problems.

Surgical decompression may be necessary in those patients unresponsive to conservative treatment (which may include epidural steroid injections). Goals of surgery include central decompression, foraminotomy, and partial facetectomy for lateral recess stenosis. Fusion is recommended for those patients with spondylolisthesis.¹

¹Garfin MD, Steven. Orthopaedic Knowledge Update : Spine. Rosemont: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1997.