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Spine Surgery Buffalo

Surgical Treatment of Spinal Tumors, WNY

Spinal tumors should not be ignored. Learn more about spine tumors and surgical options from Dr. Anthony Leone.

The primary goals of surgery in patients with spinal tumors are to reduce pain, to preserve or restore neurologic function, and to establish spinal column structural integrity. Less commonly, excision of the tumor is an attempt at a cure is performed. In patients with tumors that do not respond to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, earlier surgery to prevent impending vertebral collapse and/or neurologic deterioration may be considered.¹

¹R. Vaccaro MD, Alexander. Orthopaedic Knowledge Update. Rosemont: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2005.

Spine Surgery Buffalo

Tumor and Infection, Buffalo, New York

Important information regarding tumors and infections can be found in Dr. Anthony Leone’s Knowledge Center for spine & orthopedic surgery.

When evaluating a patient for complaints related to the spine, it is imperative to consider potentially destructive lesions such as a tumor or infection. Any patient with unexplained weight loss, fever, chills, night pain, or a history of previous malignancy should arouse suspicion of a destructive lesion or an infection.¹

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