Laser Spine Surgery vs. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery – Pros and Cons

Spine surgeons who utilize laser spine surgery techniques will generally say that laser spine surgery is much more efficient than conventional techniques. The main difference between the two is which tool makes the cut – either the laser or the scalpel. Although the laser is used for creating incisions (and also for removing other soft tissue), the laser is actually used very little when compared to the procedure as a whole.

Dr. Anthony Leone Uses Conventional, Minimally Invasive Surgery

In most cases, spine surgery can be more successful if a skilled surgeon uses minimally invasive techniques. The goal of a surgery is to diminish the amount of overall trauma to the tissue of the patient. The fewer (and smaller) incisions, the less pain the patient will experience. This also leads to a faster recovery time after the surgery.

Lasers may not be as accurate as a surgeon’s scalpel – They use heat to make cuts, and can therefore damage adjacent areas close to the incision. The biggest risk would be the possibility of nerve damage due to heat transfer.

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